Each zodiac sign has its temperament, its level of basic energy and competitiveness. Based on these elements there are more suitable physical activities based on the sign. Let’s see them together


Summer is now established and everyone is back to his commitments. Children and young people are at school, parents in their activities. Duty calls and, in our own way, we all try to get back into a rhythm that takes away many spaces from our personal interests, spaces that everyone should try to safeguard by leaving a small window in their commitments to dedicate themselves to an extra activity that helps them find a contact with oneself and to distract oneself from the tasks of everyday life.

Nothing better then to choose a sport practice to take care of the body and benefit from it in the mood.

We will take a look at the zodiac to find out in what activities we can find fulfillment. To simplify reading and make it less boring we will divide the signs according to the element of belonging . THE THREE EARTH SIGNS Who belongs to this element oscillates from a healthy propensity to physical exercise , which can become exaggerated or manic, to forms of disinterest and apathy for everything that requires effort and effort. Long walks are preferred to repetitive or group exercises. The sign of Taurus is good in those sports in which it can team up: football, basketball, volleyball. He likes to participate in dance or yoga classes
Can do cycling, spinning , tennis, swimming or nature walks or on the treadmill.

The Virgin is not a passionate sports activities, but if you know that can have a positive effect on his health, he is quite a discipline. Is it okay for you pilates , water aerobics, or other soft activity that does not result in excessive stress, for example, yoga in its various forms. The Capricorn 

it is methodical and tenacious, if it finds a physical activity of its liking it follows it willingly. He loves to walk and everything that is inherent in this passion of his is well appreciated by him, including climbing the sides of the mountains. He likes to go to gyms and is good at group dances.


It is a common opinion that the water signs are the laziest in the zodiac but it is not always so. However, they need to engage in activities that not only satisfy physical needs but also involve the emotional sphere . They must feel satisfied in what they do.

The sign of Cancer may not be a marathon runner but he will surely love swimming and other sports resulting from it. Other disciplines suitable for him / her are artistic gymnastics and dance. Or he will choose more relaxing activities like Qi Gong and the like. He then restores himself with a good movie to watch with a loved one.

At the Scorpio like the physical movement and, perhaps because ruled by Mars , it is good at martial activities: karate, judo, etc. It feels good in the gym where it can work with tools and weights. Swimming is also a sport for him but he prefers diving to swimming pools. He is competitive and loves challenges and with them the sports that allow him to compete.

For the sign of Pisces there are no specific preferences and a lot depends on the influence of the moment and on the people around you. It is attracted by new disciplines and in particular by those that unite the inner sphere with the needs of the body such as, for example: Yoga, biodanza and other alternative methods. He likes to go to gyms and swimming pools but the favorite place is the sea.


They are certainly the signs that have the most energy available and a great desire to use it. Most of them are good sportsmen and in the movement they find an outlet for their desire to do. They are competitive and if they do not do competitive sport they find a way to compete with their classmates.

The sign of Aries is the one that has the greatest drive to be first and is the most sporting. Equipped with good musculature, it is suitable for competitions and heavy sports such as football, cycling and running. We combine rafting, boxing and kick-boxing. Finally there is the passion for cars and racing motorcycles …

The LEO is generally not a big sport and is dedicated to those activities that he likes or meet a need of the moment. He likes going to a gym but it is essential that he has excellent teachers and good fitness equipment. He doesn’t care about the competition but he likes to be admired.For Sagittarius

physical movement is a natural need that amuses and which it does not want to renounce, unless it belongs to the laziest type of sign. He loves to run, his legs ask for movement, soccer and tennis, horse riding, skiing and swimming are fine. At the gym you may prefer outdoor activities.


They are signs that have little familiarity with physical activities because their vitality is more mental than physical, nevertheless they know how to appreciate the well-being that comes from a healthy movement and if practicable in the open air and in good company is most welcome.

The Geminiit is the sign that he can devote himself with more pleasure to a sport, especially if a certain fun derives from his commitment. For him the sports to be practiced together with others are fine: tennis, rowing, sailing, fencing, etc. Or he can love skiing, cycling, running and swimming. You can practice archery and parachuting.

The Libra is the sign less prone to physical activity, however, wants to keep his body in shape and so will choose sports that do not create too much stress and have equally good results. Aerobics, pilates, gentle or artistic gymnastics are fine. Even the dance falls within its preferences or the aqua gym. His best way to relax is with a nice massage.

The Aquarius among these three, it is the one that keeps away from strenuous sports. It can, following a fashion or cultural interest, practice any discipline, better if it has just been released, or engage in activities that help to relax and raise the energy level, such as, for example, yoga or tai chi chuan . Otherwise, choose skating or modern dances.



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