We all want something. Whether it’s dreams, projects or plans, I think we just want that something more. We may even succeed in life, but the question is, are we living for what? What are we looking for? The will to win in life can make us win everything and lose the main.

It is necessary to do this reflexive exercise from time to time, for we can see that we are walking, but that we are not going anywhere!

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The life of man is like the haze that appears and soon dissipates; everything happens faster and faster the days, months and years go by that you do not even see. And suddenly we value this time much that we think we have and forget that it passes with or without our permission and we leave aside the most important: LOVE!

The love has cooled more and more in the society, we search for pleasure of unbridled way and we stop valuing simple moments that are of immense happiness.

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Manifesting love does not just mean having a relationship with friends on facebook, it’s much more than that. The important thing is to bring daily love into every situation we live. A little loving attitude that we take towards our neighbor can make all the difference in a positive way in his life, we do not know our tomorrow, today we are here and tomorrow we may not be and if that happens, what image will we have left? How long have you not told people that you love that you love them? Life is passing by and we have left those attitudes considered démodé more and more aside.

Maybe I’m a dreamer, but I really believe that small gestures can cause great change. Dream, jump, dance, shout, hug, smile and love intensely. After all, what do you have, if you do not have love?


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