No relationship, whatever it is: Loving, familiar, professional, ends up simply in a simple gesture to end. Not even the rain falls suddenly as it is said there. It may be that we have not seen the clouds forming because we only look at the sky through the preferred window and we stop opening and see through the back window. Exactly where the black clouds were gathering. And we say that she fell by surprise.

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Relationships do not break up as well. Nobody packs up and leaves home suddenly. Something is beginning to happen. Something that until then incites a new look to someone new, trying to find a new energy, a new affection, a new exchange, a new conquest. Even the suitcases were designed to store the main things, able to meet the main needs.

What happened? Maybe you did not want to see around you what, in fact, was happening. It is very common for us to ignore in order not to make a meaningful decision, one that will require of us a whole transformation, from the mildest to the most radical, most coherent and probably very suffering and bitter. Finding our attitudes to causes and consequences requires courage. A lot! And it’s a lot of work, too.

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Pretending that everything is alright is also a common strategy where we look like poor, innocent, needy, dependent on the other’s air so that we can survive on all that we have of the purest and most valued in our life.

In reality, we begin to forget who we are and what we are to give a reference to what we would like to be real. And we say it was all so sudden. It’s … It’s still a good excuse. If we were so unrelated to all events and today we stand behind the door, in a thousand cries, cries and cries, asking for answers to those who no longer want to hear us, there remains the change to a new energy: The one who confesses to be true, open and faithful to new spaces, new moments, new behaviors.

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There will always be possibilities for change , which means new learning in so many other experiences that are part of our life’s exercise.

Important! Nothing happens alone, detached, isolated. Everything is intertwined. He does not jump. It is step by step, for the true process of learning.


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