Love is, without a doubt, the most complicated part of most people’s lives. Even the happy ones in this respect. Love explores the soul. It causes our guts to revolve in such a way that everything is out of place. No one is considered normal until he has had a passion for them, with a happy ending, has been tested and considered normal the things he did. That is, normality, once again proven, does not exist.

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Love is loaded with beliefs. Things we have heard since our parents ‘and grandfathers’ children. Man is like that, woman is roasted. To be happy you need to have someone with you or a lot of things that no one has ever stopped to think about. We just take it for granted. And we suffer when any of our fantasies does not happen. He’s not what my mother described and what she did to my father does not work for him! Hey! Here comes the depression, the anger of life and the famous “but why me?”

Oh, I know, you’re reading this and thinking how I know your story, right? Yes, but this is the story of the majority. People fantasize. They believe in enchanted princes and princesses. They create absurd dependencies. Once a friend told me the following when I invited her to watch a movie at the movies: “I can not go because my boyfriend did not see this movie. And he does not like that I’ve seen something he has not seen. “I did not answer. Because like her, for sure, I already did some things of this type and did not even realize it. Not about the movies, but about many other things.

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And do not think that I am against love. In no way! I love being in love, I love flirting and dating and all this universe. But that he spends a lot of our lives and our energy, that he spends! And I realized that we just have to look at the whole different thing and not give up anything. Look at a partner or a partner as a person who has their ups and downs, who lies, who is wrong, who feels bad in so many ways and who often does this because he simply does not know how to act otherwise. We are all human. We all had a childhood, a culture and a lot of things we even admit to other people, but not our husband or boyfriend or anything else.

We design a lot of zucchini on top of each other and we want them to meet our absurd expectations! It’s so crazy when we stop to think it was even difficult for me to admit. Admit how much I understand my patients and often could not understand who I love. How many times did I do crazy things in the name of a love that, in good, love was not at all.

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Love for me today is a substance of infinite use in the Universe. It’s like the air you breathe. It does not end and it serves millions and millions of things and people. And situations. We can love and rally and re-act many, many times, even the same person. Love changes form, but never, never changes content. So now, I’m rethinking love and its consequences. I’m rethinking what I feel, how I feel and how I can feel. After all, admitting and changing is as human as loving.


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