Have you ever met an Alpha female?

Have you wondered what makes her so different from other women?

What makes her so special and unique?

Actually, I found out that I am an Alpha female recently.

And I must admit, I feel good about it.

Can you imagine a shy, modest and kind girl transforming into a ‘beast’ that wants to take heads off to everyone that doesn’t respect her?

It is fucking scary, right? But that’s the way I am now and I feel good in my skin. I wouldn’t change this feeling for anything in the world.

I learned so much during this process. I learned that the most emotional women end up as Alpha females.

The truth about us is that we went through so many problems in our lives and all that shit made us stronger.

We became survivors and we definitely know how to stand up for ourselves.

That’s something I did.

I started fighting for my rights.
It doesn’t matter if I am right or wrong. I never give up.

I am the loudest person in the room and I don’t care if people look at me with that I-am-afraid-of-you look. That wouldn’t be my purpose.

But if I want something, I will get it with all means necessary.

I never lose hope.

I never look back.

I tend to leave my past where it belongs.

I don’t want demons from my past ruining my present. I want to live my life to the fullest.
And I will get it.

I know I will.
I observe my problems in a realistic way. If it is just a bump on the road, I don’t care about it so much.

And if it is something serious, I am realistic and I always try to find ways to handle it.

I know it is always better to ask than to assume.

So I do that. Every time. No matter how stupid I might look. That’s one of my rules.

I know how to burn bridges between toxic people and me. And that isn’t a big deal to me.
I don’t care if there is a woman who is younger, better or more successful. I am trying to be the best version of myself and that keeps me moving forward.

I have my own style. If I want, I will be dressed to kill. If I don’t want, who cares?

I am not afraid to speak my mind, but I also know when it is time to keep my mouth shut.

I learn from my mistakes and I never take criticism close to my heart.
I will always tell you the truth but I also expect truth from others, too.

I am confident! I have self-esteem! And I am not afraid to show that.

Maybe all these things make me different from other women.

But what I like the most about being an Alpha female is that I am honest. I always have my heart on my sleeve and all I want is for people to feel good.

One more thing for all those who think I am a bi*ch: “I will treat you like shit if you deserve that! If you are good to me, I will be good to you. You scratch my back and I will scratch yours.”

That’s the way that cookie crumbles.

So, next time you see a self-confident woman, don’t assume that she is a b*tch.

You haven’t been in her shoes. And you don’t know what she has been through.

Pump your brakes and give her a chance.

After all, maybe she will be your best friend or your lover.

You never know what Alpha females are capable of, right?


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