The fish man has Peter Pan syndrome. He is very much in touch with his inner “man”: he listens to him, talks to him. You fell in love with a childish, imaginative, sensitive but also sensual, full of life man.

Embarking on a love story with a fish man will be like walking along the fairytale path together.

But because of the water that is his astral element, he will tend to be changeable and slip away from your hands just like a fish that doesn’t want to be caught!

To conquer it without making it feel caught in the net is complicated but not impossible.

Let’s see how to play our cards to put the fishman into our personal aquarium of feelings without his suffering.


Born from February 20 to March 19, they are men who live under the influence of Neptune the god of the sea. And indeed, fish can be described just like mythological sea creatures, tritons.

They often reject the harsh reality, they are the most dreamers of the whole zodiac.

The fish man faces life as if he lived underwater, where all the loud noises and lights are muted; where it floats and floats in a magical, mystical dimension.

It is not uncommon for them to be artists. It is precisely in art that they succeed in venting their inspiration and character to the fantastic. You can find them in an art gallery to contemplate the works: there they find refuge from the outside world.

They prefer to create an alternative reality to them in order not to face everyday problems. This is why, at times, they tend to seek comfort in alcohol and drugs, as alteration of the senses and escape from the concrete.

Apart from the search for alienation from reality and strong sensations, fish are also pathological liars. They can’t do anything about it: they love to tell and tell stories. They have the talent for lying as an “improved version of life”.


The fish man falls in love often. Having a child’s spirit, naive and sincere, he tends to see only the good and the good in people and easily falls in love. Very little is enough. The clerk of the Mc Donald’s who hands him the tray with his order, the woman who stopped next to him at the traffic light, his university professor, just a look, a smile and he is cooked.

To fall in love he does not need long and laborious processes. It really is some sort of “love at first sight” .If there is something in you that has attracted his attention or sympathy, be assured that he will already be drawing hearts with your name in the center.

His way of falling in love is adolescent, spontaneous, free from all the paranoia that two mature people can do before starting a relationship or understanding why or how they fell in love.

The man fishes for love is willing to do anything. No matter if you have a crush on a girl you can never have, he will spend his energy and tears even for an impossible love. Indeed, the more love is hindered, just like in movies and fairy tales, the more he will beat his heart.


The infantilism of the fish is nullified in bed when the situation becomes decidedly adult.

He is a transformist lover, switch. He loves to be dominated but he can also dominate in turn because he always wants to change, the fixed roles are close to him.

He could become your personal slave and he would be happy because all the nuances of power games in bed, between assets and passions, intrigue and amuse him.

Or it could take over and guide you into a circus experience. Going to bed with him will be like trying to tame a wild animal or twirl like tightrope walkers.

The important thing is to let yourself be guided, whatever your idea may be, you won’t regret it. It will be a very special experience to be able to confide to friends in front of a good Cosmopolitan.

If you want to surprise him with some caress out of the ordinary, point to the feet that are his weak point. Improvise a massage telling him he needs it after a day’s work, and then start kissing and nibbling the big toe to light up the situation. He will be surprised he will tear your clothes off.


A fishman does not woo you, he perceives you.

Being very in touch with his metaphysical part, his sensitive part that transcends this world, to a traditional courtship, he will prefer elective affinities.

With a few intense looks and rare words, the fish will listen to you and read you inside. Talking to him will seem like having his hand read by a charming gypsy of novels. He will understand your true “I” to the point of foreseeing the future.

Often, in fact, it will happen that you will anticipate a sentence or gesture of yours as if you had known you for years.

The deep understanding of your spirit, and its blushes in your face when you stay close to it, will make you understand that the fish has had a good crush on you and is trying to woo its way: a little child and a little wizard.


The best way to treat a fishy man and drive him crazy with love for you is to come back as a child with him.

He will propose you to jump on the dry leaves to hear the creaking, to pull out the tongue while it is snowing, to play hide-and-seek or with water guns. Make him happy and don’t judge him.

In short, the fish is fickle, elusive, restless. He always needs stimuli over the top because reality makes him sad and bores him.

Make yourself his playmate, then, before his life partner.

Invite him to a masquerade party even if it’s not Carnival. He will feel stimulated and happy to participate with you in an eccentric event, out of season.

Given his artistic flair, he loves dressing up and changing reality, he loves acting and pretending other lives.

During the masquerade party, pretend you don’t know him and woo him as if you were strangers. Your resourcefulness and imagination will drive you crazy with desire!


The fishman does not demonstrate his jealousy in a blatant way with scenes or girlish hysteria. He closes in on himself, folds his arms over his chest, holds you in a pout.
In short, he is offended, reacting just like a child who has been denied ice cream.

It holds everything inside, holding a grudge and magnifying situations. The maximum you will do to ease your internal nervousness tension is to throw some vitriol jokes to injure you.

His behavior is a paradox because given his aspirations to life as a bohemian artist, and his being always projected beyond earthly things, his jealousy makes no sense.

He should react by showing a mentality much more open towards others, and the possibility that his partner may fall in love with someone other than himself.

The fish man, in fact, holds the world record of cooked in a year. People fall in love even when they are already busy, at the speed of light.

“I can, you don’t” is the maximum summary of the jealous fish man.


Love it in a light but intense way. What does it mean? Well, you must love him intensely but intermittently, without perseverance, without being too heavy or present in your life. He feels suffocated easily and soon gets tired of people and situations.

The fickle nature of the fish could be one of the biggest obstacles to your relationship. To love it you will always have to be on your toes, always ready to never rest on your laurels but instead shoot like springs and be full of extravagant ideas.

Being able to keep a fish man therefore requires a commitment 24 hours a day and this can get tired. Humanly, one cannot always be bizarre, amusing or vital, yet this fish does not understand it, it is yet another concrete aspect of life that he prefers not to take into consideration.

So when you need to recharge your batteries, take a break from him. Stay a few days on your own, don’t see it. So on the one hand, you will rest and return to be more aggressive than before; on the other hand, the breaks will be good for the relationship because in this way, feeling “abandoned” will always have eyes for you only.


Aries, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, Scorpio.


Gemini, Libra, Pisces, Aquarius.


Alessandro Gassman, Bruce Willis, Carlo Conti, Justin Bieber, Gabriele D’Annunzio.


He is Peter Pan and you are his Trilli fairy. Full of inspiration, sensitivity and emotion, the fish man loves to escape from reality and fly at high altitude.

A professional mythologist, he is imaginative and libertine, always in search of pleasure. To keep up with him requires a lot of trust, patience and the ability to enter roles, depending on the situation.


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