It is not uncommon to hear some friends complaining about their singleness in the midst of a conversation, declaiming the whining because they have no one to share the moments of sadness and happiness that life presents to us. This can be seen in a study by Match Group LatAm, which found that singletons – both men and women – want to engage in a long-term relationship later this year.

But to reach the silver and gold wedding, like our grandparents, is becoming more and more unusual; relationships now seem to wear out more ephemeral, as if a sequence of errors would lead to the termination of the couple’s relationship more quickly.

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The key is to have collaboration on both sides for a mutual understanding of the limits and possibilities of the relationship, so that the relationship works in a healthy way. Check out some tips for this:


Undoubtedly, what allows the closeness and the intimacy of a couple are the things that the components of the duet have in common. What happens, sometimes, it is a person to think that the spouse should not do anything different, to take the company to any and every type of event that is, as if the other had no tastes of their own. Going to the movies and the couple wants to stay at home having fun with some online games ? It is necessary to understand the desire of others and respect.

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Dating, especially in the beginning, is usually a sea of ​​roses. Kisses there, caresses here, and a lot of understanding. Over time, conflicts are appearing, the cold in the belly when they meet are not the same, and the routine ends up arriving sooner or later. It is important to understand the nature of the relationship and get the best out of it, even with all the barriers.


No one should think that sharing the same roof and the same food with another person is an easy task. Despite the opinions and experiences of life, sometimes common, it is necessary to respect the differences when they appear. Each one has a distinct genius, a kind of education passed down by the parents, and even hard-to-bear day-to-day cacoetes. Conversation and transparency are the best remedies for staying patient.

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Not only is love made a relationship. Trusting who is by your side is one of the main pillars that underpin the relationship. Lack of confidence is like any building without a minimally strong structure, it can make everything come down suddenly. So nothing to keep feeding distrust in the head, you have to really trust …


A relationship is hardly healthy when the components live on the tug of war. Being humble and recognizing mistakes is very important; and even believing to be right, there are times when the best is to give in, leave pride aside and avoid wear, is much smarter.

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