The element of fire in astrology. The character, the inclination and the destiny of the three fire signs



The path through the twelve zodiac signs begins with the fire signs because Aries, which is the first sign of the zodiac, belongs to this element. Together with it, in the same class of belonging, we find the Lion and the Sagittarius.
Since the beginning of life on earth, fire has been linked to survival and being able to dominate and use it was one of humanity’s most important achievements.

Symbol of light on the spiritual level , because combined with the Sun and, like this, to the Divinity, even in material life it has always been a dispenser of heat and light and is used to heat, illuminate and make people walk, through a spark or through its heat , various machines, among which, for example, our cars.
At the symbolic level, fire is considered an element of purification , referring to the flame that burns and takes away all impurities. Its spark is comparable to that of intuition and the flame that grows is similar to the idea that has materialized.
The planets, like the zodiac signs, are combined with the four elements and under the domain of fire we find: Sun , Mars , Uranus and Pluto .

These are the main features of the fire element:

  • it is the most “sacred” of the four elements and represents the transcendent dimension of man. The flame that rises expresses, in all its power, the desire for elevation common to all human beings;
  • fire is radiant, propulsive, dynamic energy;
  • it is connected to the will that drives the action;
  • it is the energy that supports aspirations and feeds desire and passion;
  • symbol of generosity and power, it concerns courage and self-confidence;
  • in the Hindu religion Agni is the God of fire and represents the forces of Light;
  • in our energy system dominates the third chakra , called in Sanskrit Manipura, which, by regulating the metabolic system, distributes heat throughout the body.

    The evolutionary path of the fire signs

    Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, each express differently the energy of their element, nevertheless they are complementary, because, in astrology, each element is combined with a common growth path. If we take their temperament individually in analysis, it is clear that each of them holds in its depth the radiant energy of the fire, which becomes evident through an enthusiastic, trusting, generous and deeply honest attitude.

    The signs that belong to the same element have a common growth path. United to each other by the same purpose they are distinguished by the different ways they will use to fulfill it.

    The three fire signs have as their evolutionary task the realization of the self.They will be able to reach it through passion, creativity, self-confidence and full awareness of their role in the world.

    Each sign of the Fire Element uses its energy in the following ways:
    l ‘ Aries expresses the energy of fire through the will and self-determination: his project is to believe in himself;
    The Leo is using the same energy through creativity, courage and self-affirmation: its purpose is to affirm one’s self;
    The Sagittarius experiences his element of belonging through the aspiration to grow spiritually and socially. His desire is to go far in search of other horizons.


    Aries is the first of all the zodiac signs and is also the first of the fire signs. He is the youngest of these but not the least unprepared. The flame that belongs to the sign of Aries, is created by combustion: it is born of a spark ready to take force or destined to go out. This explanation provides a first trace of his character, which easily becomes inflamed and then goes off again just as quickly. The fire element manifests itself in its way of facing life, which will never be passive or hesitant. With courage and passionate enthusiasm, Aries fights its battles and accepts the most important challenges, even at the cost of going against its own interests.Its purpose is to reawaken within itself the spirit of initiative, useful to extricate itself from the various difficulties that life offers. Leveraging on its nature of fire and taking inspiration from it, it compensates for its lacunae of the first sign of the zodiac, exalting its purpose of self-determination and, just as the flame imposes itself if not controlled and can create irreparable disasters, even its temper , if exasperated, it can become too aggressive.


    In comparison with the other two signs, Leo and Sagittarius, it is the most naive and immature , not because of its psychological weakness, but because it has its natural moral cleanliness that leads it to act immediately, sometimes without thought, but without seconds purposes.
    Because of this peculiarity it is considered a sign impulsive . A classification that is for the most part truthful, but which does not take into account that, as a first sign, it is a beginner: it must experience and, like children, it follows a primary impulse.
    His action, which arises from a desire for self-assertion, hides a teaching that is useful also to the other signs: “being faithful to oneself”. In this way he fulfills his karmic task , and recognizes the primary importance his person has for each person. For this reason he identifies the divine spark in himself and, due to a reflection due, he sees it shine in the other.

    It is from him, from his fiery energy, the confidence that everyone should reserve for himself and that instinctuality that too often, in most people, is suffocated by a brain that processes too much. One of his limitations is to exacerbate his intention, becoming a bully.


    It is the second of the fire signs: it is born in the hottest period of the year, when the Sun is high in the sky and sends its warmth to the earth generously. His is a flame that has taken root and has become powerful, we find it in the bonfires of summer evenings by the sea.
    Leo, like Aries, lives in the present, is not attached to the past and the future knows well that he must build it the moment he is living. His temper is enthusiastic and puts the focus of an inner passion on the projects he believes in.
    A strength, which unites it to the animal that has the same name, is strength: not only the physical one, but also the inner one that gets as a result of a work on itself, dedicated to enhancing its often moral.

    Leo is generous, like the fire of his element , which gives life and warmth, but can also destroy if misused. And he has courage as his main merit, which he expresses not only through actions, but also in his life choices, very often against the current or aimed at enhancing his talent and his person.
    From the flame of its element it inherits the desire to be and to become. Not content with being a little fire just lit, but it wants to be a living flame, burning, visible from afar. Its sign is combined with the Sun, the planet which is a ball of fire and which, from its remoteness from the earth, spares humanity not all its vital energy. The same energy, more mitigated, that a person born under the sign of Leo knows how to transmit to those around him.

    Leo invests heavily on himself, because it is in the nature of his sign, which has the purpose of individual growth as self-assertion. From this his tendency derives a great charisma and a creative talent. The teaching that transmits to the other signs of the zodiac is the centrality due to one’s own person.

    From Leo we learn that the ego is the central core of our being , that part of us to which the right value must be recognized and that for no reason, not even for a feeling of devotion or love, must it be mortified or hidden. The karmic task entrusted to this sign is important, because pertaining to the physical organ he commanded: the heart. In order to feel good and proceed on his evolutionary path, Leo should know how to meet others “with an open heart”, listening to other opinions and acknowledging his merit to each one.


    Sagittarius is the last of the signs of fire, the one in which the flame is now well formed and has become mostly embers. This flame can continue to burn, keeping its heat intact or rising again if fed by a breath of air (element also compatible in nature with fire).

    The element of air is perceived in the temperament of this sign of fire, which pursues its ideals and aspires to go far in search not only of adventure but also of experience and knowledge. In itself he has the instinct of an explorer and likes to go beyond the limit to deepen his preparation more and more.

    Sagittarius, following the impulse of the fire element, pushes its gaze beyond the known, with the intention of exploring to understand. 
    His cultural preparation prefers to expand it through direct experience. He is not a sedentary and enriches his competence by experimenting directly and traveling a lot. The flame of his element is a symbol, for him, of elevation, which can be understood as an aspiration to obtain results in the social sphere (career, wealth, comfort) or on the spiritual level. The teaching given by Sagittarius to the other zodiac signs concerns the raising of one’s own aspirations that must not stop only at the practical life and the solution of everyday problems,

    On a practical level this solicitation can act through ambition, while on the spiritual level it will be expressed in the search for one’s own ideal and a higher life purpose. With the generosity typical of fire signs, Sagittarius makes itself available to others to help them raise their awareness . His natural inclination to transmit his knowledge could push him on the path of teaching.

    The karmic task entrusted to Sagittarius is closely linked to this aspiration, but to absolve him he will have to be willing to use his skills for the good of the community. He will have to avoid that pride diminishes his intentions and this will be possible if he manages to be neutral in his ‘expose his knowledge.


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