Did you know that, according to information from the United Nations (UN), three out of five women suffered, suffered or suffered domestic violence in Brazil? Yeah. And the most worrying thing is that many of these women have not yet realized that they are in an abusive relationship .

This is because not all violence is physical. In an abusive relationship, a woman can be violated in a variety of ways: in the physical, psychological, emotional, mental or even patrimonial realm. And in some cases (including most of them), the woman does not recognize that she is in an abusive relationship, either out of fear, insecurity, or any other type of conflict of feelings and emotions.

It is as if she searched tirelessly for facts that justified the actions of her companion, and in those hours the famous phrases “did this for love”, “this is only his way”, “never more will happen”, among other justifications that do not , are not real and can not be tolerated.

Watch for every sign of intolerance, aggression, and disrespect. To help you identify these signs, we’ve listed below some facts that characterize an abusive relationship. If you identify one or more of the following features as gifts in your love relationship, stay tuned. Under no circumstances is it worthwhile to continue in a relationship that makes you suffer.

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When your partner makes you change your clothes, judging to be too short or too low-cut, when he scans his things behind “something,” when he controls contacts on the agenda and his actions on social networks, all this is not synonymous with love or affection. In fact, quite the contrary.

It is synonymous with possessiveness, and no one owns anyone. No one should have it on someone else, no matter the circumstance. Do not interpret exaggerated jealousy as a sign of affection or affection.

Couple fight 

Do couples fight? Yes, they fight, just as parents fight with their children, which friends fight among themselves, anyway. However, there is a limit that totally differentiates a violent quarrel (whether physically or verbally) from a discussion with a purpose.

It is normal for two people to disagree on certain opinions, beliefs, and thoughts, and from then on, they engage in discussions to try to convince the other person of their point of view. And that, yes, is healthy.

More violent fights characterize an unhealthy relationship in which one tries to command the other. And this can have serious consequences in the future.

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Decrease the other 

A relationship is also characterized as abusive when the man tries to diminish the woman in many ways. It may be physically speaking that she is not attractive or beautiful enough – often for her to feel that he is the only man who would stay with her and therefore should not let go – or speaking that she is not able to reach your goals, because he wants to feel superior, and for that he needs to slow you down to the point that you yourself think he is actually superior.

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Usually, the abusive partner denies having such behavior. He can say anything to convince you that violent episodes will never happen again.

The end is sad. 

In addition to an abusive relationship being very stressful for those who live it, it is important to know that, in the overwhelming majority of cases, the end is very sad. Unfortunately, few women are able to break free from this sad reality.

Most are attached to the hope that the partner will change, that it is only a phase, or, worse still, that it is her mistake to act in a certain way that leaves him thus, among many other reasons.

This reality must change. Brazil is, according to the UN, the country that kills women the world over. Do not allow yourself to be part of this statistic. In fact, be part of the change that the country needs.

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Any type of abuse and violence against women should be reported. Remember: you need to feel safe above anything.


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