In some moments of life we ​​face difficulties and we end up self-sabotaging . In love relationships this behavior is even more common and frequent. Because they want to be in control of the situation, the tendency is for people to adopt behaviors somewhat different from their habits.

It is from these unusual and extreme reactions that we often end up choking on other people involved and taking premeditated and even compulsive actions. Have you ever stopped to think that the problems you have faced in your relationship may not be your partner’s fault, but your own choices and behaviors?

Thinking about this question that should have haunted 9 out of 10 people, here are a few things that may help you to see if you are sabotaging yourself. Read it calmly and analyze every moment of your life. These items will help you identify and redouble your attention before deciding on a behavior.

If you identify one or more in your profile, redouble your attention and try to get involved in the purest way possible, and without harming yourself.

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Do you feel insecure?

Insecurity is undoubtedly one of the great evils of the modern personality. Because we charge too much and try to pursue perfection at all times, we tend to feel extremely insecure when we are faced with situations where we do not have 100% control.

Vulnerability and uncertainties end up generating this kind of feeling. To reverse the situation you need to think of everything negative that can happen if you simply are not sincere, truthful and dedicated in what you truly believe and desire.

You cancel yourself for the well-being of the partner

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You take on all the responsibilities of the relationship and, more than that, you live solely and solely for your partner. This is another very common mistake made by a large number of women. To maintain a healthy relationship and make it firm and lasting, the lives involved must have their degree of individuality.

Maintaining habits, prioritizing tastes, and engaging your friends and interests in married life is essential to maintaining your partner’s admiration.

Excessive charges

Wondering where your partner is 24 hours a day is nothing more than a totally sabotaging behavior. The one who does not feel safe in the absence of the companion can not have a happy and satisfied life. Monitoring and overloading of questions and charges is undoubtedly extremely uncomfortable and can generate major problems.

After all, no one feels at ease monitored 24 hours a day, does not it?

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Discussions and criticisms out of time

Some people have the pleasure of criticizing the partner for the simple fact of feeling authority to the situation. But it’s from destructive criticism, unnecessary conflicts, and discussions over little things that relationships become unpleasant.

As no one likes to live constantly in unpleasant situations is from these behaviors that confidence and intimacy begin to collapse and thus the tendency is the withdrawal and even the end of the relationship.

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Try to change the other person

There are people who believe that it is possible to change others. But have you ever stopped to think that there are individuals who do not want to change and that you have related to the person for what he is and not for what you would like him to be?

Accepting the other as he really is is not an easy task, but think about how it can be extremely fascinating and charming, especially from the point of view of new discoveries and unusual learning.


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