When you see who is writing this letter to you, you’ll probably be surprised.

You might think I am annoying or intrusive and that none of the things I’m about to tell you are any of my business. But I have to tell them anyhow.

I’ll have to tell you this because you are the man who is about to become a huge part of my best friend’s life. And because she is one of the most important people in the world for me.

You see, I am an only child. At least, I was an only child until I met her.

But as soon as this happened, I knew I had found the sister I never had. I knew I had found my person and the best friend I could ever have.

And I was completely right because from that moment on, my life was different. I knew I had someone I could always count on, someone to have my back and to hold my hand.

I am not telling you this to help you understand our friendship because that is something rare people get.

I am not telling you this to make you realize that the two of us come in a package. I am just explaining to you what gave me the liberty to write in this way to you.

I am not here to attack you or to give you any lessons. I am just here to explain some things to you and to ask you for something.

You know, this girl has been through a lot in the past. This is something you don’t notice when you first see her, but the truth is that she is a sensitive person and that she has been hurt a million times.

The truth is that she’s been disappointed too many times and that she can’t go through the same things again.

I am not going to lie to you—she isn’t easy to love, and she is everything but easy to handle.

She is not perfect, and she has many flaws. She can be stubborn and hot headed. She has a gypsy soul, and many people can’t keep up with her.

Sometimes, she gets jealous without a reason, and she has numerous insecurities which make her life more difficult.

She’ll probably always question your love for her, and she will dissect your every more.

But trust me—she is worth it. She is worthy of all your time and patience because she has more qualities than you could ever think of.

This girl is always honest, and she is always led by her heart. And no matter what happens, I want you to know that she is a loving and caring person.

When she grows to love you, there is nothing she wouldn’t do for you.

So here I am begging you not to take advantage of her and not to use her soft heart.

Here I am begging you not to lead her on, not to cheat on her and not to manipulate or abuse her in any way.

Here I am begging you not to hurt her and not to cause her any type of pain.

Because this is the last thing this girl deserves.

She deserves to be loved and taken care of. She deserves to be respected and appreciated.

She deserves someone who will commit to her and someone who will put an effort into his relationship with her. And she deserves someone who will make her his priority.

And if you think this is too much for you, I’ll understand, and I’m sure she will too.

If you think this is something you can’t commit to and if you think this is something you can’t promise to do, it’s OK.

If this is the case, please just walk away in time and don’t give her any false hope.

Walk away before she gets used to you and before she starts planning a future with you. Leave her life before she grows to love you and before it becomes too late.

But if you think that she is the girl for you and if you think that you could make her happy, I’ll just ask you one thing—please love her the way I do.

Trust me—it will be more than enough.


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