12 word text that makes him need you in his life

Defining love is never an easy task, mainly because it is always different according to the experience of each individual, who has experienced different experiences and sensations of this famous love.

So the only thing we can say is that love is responsible for creating relationships. First, we know love in our family relationships, then in friendships, and finally we begin to relate to someone who in the future can become the person for whom we are going to reside throughout our lifetimes .

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But love is complicated. It is a set of feelings, all of which are internal.Thus, we ourselves are the only ones to have access to these feelings, always being private.

Because of this, often our concept of “I am in love” is different from the concept of the other. The other, in his concept, may be only going through a moment of euphoria or the desire to have a person by his side. However, this is not always true, since the feeling of love varies according to each individual.

12 word text that makes him need you in his life

“Rules” for healthy relationship

The set of feelings that define love is certainly the key word for relationships to occur. However, not every relationship feeds solely on love. Many believe that through great love it becomes necessary to sacrifice one’s personal life, as well as self-esteem or even dignity. However, this, in the accomplishment, is nothing more than possession. In order for the relationship to be really healthy, rich and enjoyable, some aspects must also be considered, in addition to the strong passion and attraction of the partner.

Life for two requires much more than simply love: it also means respect, friendship, partnership and the will to carry out joint projects. Thus, it is clear that love and attraction – both physical and mental – become essential, but, by far, they can not survive alone for many years.

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So, always remember to prioritize the relationship you take with your partner, not the love you feel for each other. If it is really a healthy relationship, love and other aspects will meet.


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