Dating is stressful even for people who don’t suffer from anxiety. It makes us so nervous that our hearts beat like crazy, our voices become shaky, and our palms sweat. It gets you up and down, and this feeling seems so bitter-sweet. But when it comes to people dealing with anxiety, things can get even worse.

First of all, it’s so damn hard to find someone who understands.

Some guys think you’re dramatic. Others perceive you as someone who is super-shy. It’s so hard to find someone who understands you, or who is willing to do their best to understand you. If you date someone who doesn’t know what anxiety really is, you will have trouble explaining it to him. You will feel so exposed and vulnerable, but brave enough to give it a shot.

You are tense all the time because you expect your relationship to fail.

It goes something like this—he doesn’t reply to your message immediately, and you already think he’s tired of you and wants to break up.

Certain things that others don’t even notice give you panic attacks. You feel bad when things don’t go well, but you also stress out when they do. It’s just the way your mind works.

You feel so guilty because you always think about the worst scenario that can happen when everything goes smoothly. This torturing feeling doesn’t let you relax, but you can’t help it. You feel hopeless because you know you have a wonderful man beside you, but you still can’t be completely happy. It feels like you’re pushing him away.

You’re not able to handle fights and arguments.

You are scared to talk about difficult issues with your partner because you’re concerned about what it might do to your relationship. You are so afraid of conflicts and you always try to avoid them.

You see him worried, and there goes the alarm in your head—I must have done something terrible again. Every time you are about to have the slightest argument, you break down and cry even though you know that your partner will be upset about it.

This is a problem because all couples are supposed to be able to talk their problems out. Anxiety makes relationship problems look much bigger in your head.

Now, I want to tell you…

Don’t sweat it! Every time you feel anxious, try to understand what triggers this horrible feeling, then talk to your partner about it.

Remind yourself that you can defeat your fears and anxiety attacks.

Count to three, and think of all the beautiful things in your relationship.

Don’t be afraid to open up to your close ones.

You should know that you should not go through this alone.

Love conquers all, but you need to keep the faith.


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