The four elements are present in every component of our life, they are its very essence. Each of them has qualities that distinguish it and that perfectly match the character of the people and the zodiac sign to which they belong


Astrology recognizes a great importance, in the analysis of a character, to the element to which its zodiac sign belongs. The division by elements takes into account whether the belonging zodiac sign is a sign of fire, earth, air or water. This first partition is useful for obtaining information about the person in question.
A character and a destiny are often influenced by the type of elementary energy that dominates the birth theme, especially if it is the same as the sign in which one was born.

The influence of the four elements in practical life and in the psyche
In the most thorough astrological interpretation the four elements are the archetypal representation of the reality in which we live, each of them has a moral and practical value that differentiates its various expressions in everyday life.

  • The earth element : it concerns the physical and material world. It has a practical mindset
  • The water element : it concerns the affective and emotional world. It has an emotional mental setting
  • The element of air : it concerns the mental sphere and relationships. He has an intellectual mental approach
  • The fire element : it concerns the creative sphere and spirituality. He has a passionate-instinctive mindset


What the four elements represent
In nature and in astrology, the four elements are considered pillars on which the whole construction of our being is based. Life, matter and the four worlds of creation (animal, vegetable, mineral and human) arise from the interaction of these energies.
They have a correspondence in the various organs of the human body and in our own energetic structure, since each of the seven chakras (the pivot points of the electromagnetic current that keeps our body alive) is governed by a specific element that qualifies it and the provides energy.
As Hippocrates himself claimed: – the basic balance in the human body is based on a harmonious exchange between the various elements.It is not possible to cure the single illness
In the event that a balance between the “inside and outside” is missing and between the various subtle and physical .Components that support the body, disharmony would arise that would negatively affect health and the psyche.

The compatibility of element
Interesting is to note that each element is combined from a mutual exchange to another. Precisely for this reason we find that water gets along well with the earth and fire with air .

Each zodiac sign has, in front of itself, on the same axis, the sign that belongs to the element with which there is a correspondence. To achieve a good balance in character and body it is appropriate for this exchange to be constantly active, so that temperament and health can be enriched.


It is the most sacred of the four elements and represents the life force. Radiant and propulsive energy is a symbol of the will that precedes action.
Aries : it is the first of the signs of fire and it is younger than the others, but it stands out among them for the strength of will and the determination that guide its actions
Leo : second sign of fire, he lives in the present without giving too much importance to the past or the future. Creative and charismatic, he expresses his talents with enthusiasm, passion and self-confidence
Sagittarius : it is the most adventurous of the three fire signs. His gaze goes far in search of new ideals and different horizons. Ambition guides his steps, also aimed at spiritual growth .

It is combined with material life. It is all that we perceive through our physical senses and what we find around us.

Taurus : it is the first of the earth signs, the one closest to its symbolism. Psychologically it represents what we value including the money we earn to live
Virgin : second sign of earth, it is considered a laborious and reflective sign. He has a great need for order and cleanliness, which he seeks within himself and around himself
Capricorn : it is the most mature of the three earth signs. Its purpose is to build a tomorrow for itself and for others. Prudent, reflective and tenacious, he pursues his goals without asking or complaining .


The air is the element that more than the others is connected to the material and spiritual life. Symbol of lightness, it rises from the heavy and burdensome atmosphere of the earth to rise towards higher peaks, in which the soul can wander and get closer to the Spirit.

Gemini : first of the signs belonging to the element of air, it is the one that embodies its extreme volatility, which is evident in the ductility of his thought and in the carefree character
Libra : It is the most peaceful of the three signs of air and it is what makes grace and diplomacy an art of living. He deals with relationships and his task is to harmonize relationships so that everyone learns the boundaries of a civilized life
Aquarius : Among the zodiac signs is the most avant-garde. A forerunner of new fashions or currents of thought is always a step ahead of his peers. Individualist by nature, he finds himself well to work in a group because his commitment is to foster collaboration.


Symbol of purification and nourishment, it is the one closest to the human dimension. Water is linked to the emotional sphere and the unconscious and is an integral part of our physical balance. Its peculiarity is to be changeable (like our emotions) and can change shape according to the container that contains it.

Cancer : expresses its water nature through the affective sphere and among the signs of this element is, perhaps, the most sentimental. He has a highly developed emotional side that leads him to have significant alternations of mood, influenced by the sensations of the moment
Scorpio : it is among the most interesting signs of the zodiac. With a magnetic temperament, he is endowed with a discerning and intelligent mind, which knows how to penetrate the intimacy of those close to him, managing to capture the most hidden sides of their temperament
Pisces : sensitive and chaotic, romantic and distracted, it carries within itself the experience of the signs that precede it and, precisely for this reason, its character is difficult to decipher. His karmic task is to love unconditionally and he tries to absolve it through the dedication he offers to loved ones, animals and those who suffer.



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